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Find a Location of any Phone by detecting the last GSM Network activity

PL Tracker service – the first Mobile Tracker which doesn’t require any additional software or app installation on the target device. The entire configuration process takes a few minutes. You will check the exact location of any smartphone or tablet instantly. Simply specify the target phone number in international format and activate the search process. PL service helps you to find the whereabouts of any mobile device worldwide with supporting the most popular cellular carrier networks in more than 150 world regions.

Trace Anyone On A Map

Follow any person worldwide, without the need to install any spy apps on their smartphone or tablet. Agreement of the owner of device is not required for this to work. The accuracy is incredible - you can pinpoint a person’s location within 3 meters. You will also track a movements history over the last 7 days from the moment of subscribing to online mobile tracker.

Business Users - Track Employees and Deliveries

We know important it is to monitor information about activity inside a company. Employee’s location, monitor deliveries, status of orders – the key list which every manager must know in real time. The PL service is the perfect tool for managing logistics chains and optimizing costs.

Parental control

Check the exact location of your children, parents or any another loved ones. They will not be aware you are monitoring their movements. It doesn’t matter if their smartphone is turned off, our out of network coverage you will still find them.

Live Map View

Monitor all your orders on a single map in on the user Control Panel. Combine your Family, Business and other activities for simplicity. Updates download on the server every 5 minutes. Simply log into the Control Panel, enter the phone number and the person or delivery will be visible on a map. The process is completely invisible and the person will not know you can see them on a map in real time.


24/7 global customer support

We care about our clients. Our professional customer support is here to help 24/7


95% customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for. 95% of clients reorder our services.

Frequently asked question

  • For what purposes can I use the PL service? - Monitoring your family and friends, better business management, tracking of any digital device with support for a SIM - short list of opportunities that opens you PL service.
  • Which devices supports the PL service? - PL service equally identifies the location of modern smartphones, tablets, portable computers and simple cell phones. The main thing that the device functioned with a sim card.
  • Do I need to install the application on the device for the PL service to work? - No, installing and downloading additional programs on the target device is not required.
  • Is it legal to use the PL service? - Yes, data on the location of mobile towers are publicly available and provided to anyone. PL service identifies points of interaction between the device and the nearest towers.
  • Can a person know that he is being traced? - No, the goal will not receive any notifications and can not know in any way what is being traced at the moment.
  • What is the accuracy of the Mobile Tracker? - Free Mobile tracker works only in the evaluation mode. Having issued a paid subscription, the perimeter of the location will be narrowed to ten square meters.
  • How confidential is the use? - Absolutely confidential. All user information passes through the two-factor encryption phase. In addition, we reserve the right to non-disclosure to third parties about any transactions related to the PL service.

Any questions? We would love to answer them! If you would like to leave a review or make any suggestions, you can do this here, User feedback or contact our Customer Service Team.

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International level

We do not limit search results to a specific country or continent, we think wider!
Use PL Tracker services to search or track a device in any country in the world.

The software works on all mobile platforms and networks around the world

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