Privacy & Security

PL Tracker has been designed from ground up to ensure total iron-clad security and privacy in each part of the solution. We are not interested in the purpose why you are going to use the provided tool. However, you should be warned that tracking a person without his or her consent is an unlawful act in many countries. Please don’t be scared by the statement indicated above - you are free to use PL Tracker without risking anything as we will in no way promote disclosure.

We store all data of our customers in entirely encrypted way

Data related to queries, suspect lists, phone numbers, query results, and others pass the process of end-to-end encryption and are stored on the dedicated database server, located outside of our website. This is achieved through the use of different IP and Global Title addresses (including some parts that have been altered for masking purposes). It is virtually impossible to disclose your identity and, therefore, nobody will be able to accuse you of something in any manner. All customer data goes through the data archive process using intelligent routing masks. This makes any attempt to reconstruct the query process and trace back the source very complicated. In addition, the query process is split into a number of different stages, making the reconstruction of the full query process extremely difficult. Finally, the PL solution also transmits a large number of false queries to numbers that do not really exist, which makes the identification process even more difficult. This characteristic is an integral part of any feature, offered by PL.

Please remember that we adhere to strict anonymity policy even if you use your social accounts to register and login. Any links to your profiles in social networks are encrypted, as well as your e-mail address. You don’t disclose your personal or financial data and may enjoy the offered benefits and provided features without any risk. Unlike some other similar websites and applications, PL Tracker does not store direct information on the type of device your are using to access the tracking and location finding features. Everything is encrypted and stored as gross data for general statistics and debugging or adjustment purposes only.

Anonymity of Payments

It is no longer a secret for anyone that majority of electronic (online) payments can be easily controlled by the legislation. Special services store complete information on a particular transaction, including sender and recipient names or identificators, date and time of the transaction, and, of course, the transaction amount. We decided to completely abandon the standard methods of payment towards Bitcoin precisely in order to keep anonymity and follow our non-disclosure procedures. This remarkable cryptographic achievement has proved to be not only a reliable, but also completely anonymous payment tool that allows you to hide the data on both the sender and the recipient. In order to improve confidentiality and security, most newer Bitcoin wallets will use a new Bitcoin address each time someone sends this crypto currency to you. Unlike traditional payment systems, all Bitcoin transactions are lightning fast and don’t depend on your country of residence. This cryptocurrency is still relatively new, but with each new day the technology becomes more and more reliable and recognized. Each month people transact hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin.The whole process of payment for the offered services by Bitcoin will not take much time and you will not have to wait long before you can start using PL tracking of cell and other mobile devices, which have a SIM-card.