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Phone number lookup is a modern technology that allows over customers to find information about the desired cell or landline phone number, essential for tracking a lost device and useful for various business purposes.
Users of our service are able to obtain completely legal information about location of any person, who uses the services of popular mobile network operators throughout the globe. No complicated actions needed – simply specify a phone number in a valid international format. While using phone number search from PL service you don’t need a consent of a person, whose number you want to check. All queries are performed using intelligent routing that masks the queries, thus making it virtually impossible to trace the directed commands in any manner. Cell phone check and finding location of a mobile device by its phone number does not require installation of any additional software to a target device. You will obtain the following information as a response to your request:

Carrier info

Phone lookup from PL services finds the precise information about the mobile carrier of the target device. Please note that some small-scale local providers may not be supported. However, we are glad to help you identify carrier and find information about the majority of carriers around the world.


Iformation on the current state and city of a subscriber. Precise information will be determined within couple of minutes. The data is essential for cell phone or any other mobile device search. Please don’t forget that the target mobile device should use a SIM card. In addition, PL service is able to display information on any landline phone that is present in our extensive database.

Exact address

Subscriber information, containing street and house, along with latitude and longitude. Please note that obtained information may slightly differ from the actual location of the subscriber, as the data is provided by mobile base stations and does not guarantee the complete accuracy of the results.

Current location

Information on current location of a person based on the data, provided by GSM/UMTS cells. The system has an ability to track almost any subscriber in the world in a covert and completely legal way even if there is no GPS option on the tracked cell phone or if the person disabled it.

Phone number lookup has never been simpler. Useful service and efficient solution with intuitive interface and 24/7 customer support.

Search for a people by number

Just enter the phone number

The first step to check a phone number or cell phone search is to enter the desired phone number in international format. Please ensure that entered digits are correct.

find location

Find location

Wait while PL connects to the server and determines the location of closest mobile base stations. This will take no longer than 5 minutes.


The “Successful” message in the dialog box means that the request was successful and that information on the current location is available in your personal account.

How to Subscribe

Sign up and order paid subscription in your account dashboard. We have special offers and bonuses for new users. Be sure to familiarize with what we have to offer.


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Each cell phone is able to reveal information on its owner.

Owner of any cell phone or any other device with a SIM-card may receive calls from unfamiliar numbers pretty often. Usually these calls are marketing offers of various products and services, specialists calling to get feedback, etc. However, sometimes calls from unknown numbers may cause discomfort. And in such cases it is always great to find a service to perform phone number search, identify carrier and even find location of a troublesome caller. Every modern person knows that a cell phone or mobile device will not transfer any information on its own without an installed software or hardware. At least it was like this up to present. Looking up this information will not make you do an extensive Internet search in order to find the desired data on several resources. You may find out everything you need about the caller or any subscriber just by following the four easy steps above. Simple as that, no hidden charges.

Cellular networks represent a rather outdated system from the 90s. They were a great leap in communication services, but are not protected well enough to conform to the modern security standards. Moreover, it is hard to provide desired security measures because cellular networks were projected without taking into account modern IT technologies and solutions. Namely: by using weakness of the SS7 protocol, today anyone can obtain relatively much information about any subscriber of the majority of popular mobile operators worldwide (as SS7 hubs are spread in various locations throughout the globe).

We provide this trusted and legal service to our clients. Thus, any visitor can identify carrier and find location of a phone with a particular number just by specifying a number in international format. We never ask why you want to obtain this information about other person or several persons, as well as we don’t store data about our clients. Phone number lookup has many uses: from cell phone search and carrier lookup to obtaining current location of any person. We accept only Bitcoin crypto-currency with a view to ensuring additional privacy measures. Please note that free version offers limited features; you need to subscribe in order to obtain complete information.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I find location of a person by a cell phone number? - Our service enables locating subscribers of major mobile operators just by specifying their phone number. This way, all you need to specify to find the current location of a person is just his or her phone number in international format. Please ensure that the phone number you enter contains no errors.
  • Which devices supports the PL service? - PL service equally identifies the location of modern smartphones, tablets, portable computers and simple cell phones. The main thing that the device functioned with a sim card.
  • Is the target person able to find out that I am performing cell phone number lookup through PL service? - No. All queries are performed using intelligent routing system that masks the queries from the website, making it almost impossible to monitor or trace the SS7 commands in any manner. Target person does not receive any calls or SMS from you or PL service in the process.
  • Do I need to install any software for phone number search on my PC/laptop or a mobile device? - No, you just need a stable Internet connection and last version of browser.
  • How much does it cost to use all phone lookup features, provided by PL services? - Current rates are specified inside your personal account and on the “Rates” page. Please be sure to check the special offers and bonuses we provide for new users.
  • How do I know that mobile number search gives reliable results? - You may read the reviews of our users here. Simply try the service and soon you will join the army of our happy customers.

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