Location tracker on any mobile device, which supports cellular technology

Location tracker enables users of PL Tracker to remotely turn any device that employs cellular technology into a convenient portable GPS Tracker. At the same time, it does not require the consent from an owner of the trackable device, as well as there is no need to install additional software. All you need to provide in order to use the location tracker features is a phone number in the international format (area code plus the mobile number itself). Owner of this cell phone will not get any notifications regarding that his device is currently transmitting any geolocation data on a real time basis.

  • Compatible with many cellular mobile devices on the majority of platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, etc;
  • The process of setting up and activation of the Location Tracker takes no longer than a couple of minutes;
  • Saves the history and travel routes to your personal account on the website. The resulting data may be downloaded;
  • Works on a target device even if it has geolocation services switched off or if it does not have an active Internet connection;
  • Target device continues its operation in the same mode. Location Tracker does not influence its functionality at all and can’t be traced.
Location Tracker

Customers define the scope of location tracker application themselves

Location tracker has an extremely broad area of use as it allows you to track the location of any mobile device remotely, when only the phone number is known. This feature is implemented by detecting the signal of the device and the strength of its interaction with the nearest tower of the cell operator. The use of vulnerabilities of the SS7 protocol is completely safe and anonymous, thanks to completely encrypted operating principles of PL Tracker. We do not store or analyze information about customer activity, so you can determine the scope of Mobile Location Tracker application at your own discretion. As a result of major work and extensive research, we simplified the whole process as much as possible and made it available to any user. Find my IPhone Just enter the phone number to launch PL Tracker.

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