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How to Track a Stolen or Lost iPhone with iCloud?

IPhones are easy to lose and they’re attractive targets for thieves. When your phone goes missing, it’s easy to panic - you’ve lost an expensive device containing gigabytes of private information and you could even be vulnerable to identity theft.
Hopefully, you maintained passcode protection on your iphone, which means you’re safe from data leaks and only need to figure out how to get your phone back.
Apple gives you a way do just that with iCloud and the free Find My iPhone feature.
Every Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac) has an iCloud account, created when you initially set up your device.
With the help of iCloud, you can block or track a smartphone in real time. But this feature won’t work in all situations.

Your ability to use the Find My iPhone app depends on the following:

Luckily there’s a fast and simple way to find your iPhone without using iCloud or the Find My iPhone app. All you need is your mobile phone number.

iCloud Access

Logging into your iCloud account is the obvious way to find your lost iPhone, but if you don’t know your Apple ID and password, you can’t gain access to iCloud to activate Lost Mode or track down your phone.

Active iPhone Location Settings

If you turned off location services on your phone for better battery performance or because of privacy concerns, you won’t be able to locate your phone using the Find My iPhone app or the iCloud tracking features.

Active Internet Connection

If your iPhone is turned off or in Airplane Mode, neither iCloud nor the Find My iPhone app will be able to locate your lost or stolen device because Apple’s tracking features depend on an active Internet connection. The next time your phone is switched on, iCloud will see the location of the phone, but by then your phone could be halfway around the world, and you’ll never get it back.

SIM on the Device

If your phone has been stolen, the thief will immediately turn the phone off to prevent iCloud location tracking. Next they remove the SIM card. Once the SIM is gone, you won’t be able to locate your stolen phone.

What if you don’t have access to the information listed above?

Luckily there’s a fast and simple way to find your iPhone without using iCloud or the Find My iPhone app. All you need is your mobile phone number.

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Just Enter the Phone Number

Specify your phone number in the international format (select your country from the drop down menu), and our software does the rest.

find location

Find location

The PL service will establish a satellite connection and identify the nearest cell towers in seconds.


When you see the message “Successful” in the dialog window, it means that your Apple Device has been located and you can view its location on your detailed dashboard map.

How to Subscribe

Purchase a subscription today and get instant access to the Cell Phone Tracker service. Within minutes of payment, you’ll be able to see the exact coordinates of your iPhone online.


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PL Works When Other Trackers Don’t

The PL service comes to your rescue when iCloud can’t help you. It doesn’t matter if you (or someone else) disabled your phone location settings or set your phone in Airplane Mode. Our technology doesn’t rely on Apple features, and we’ll locate your phone even when it’s turned off.

Other phone locator services require prior app installation to track your phone, and while they’re really useful if you got around to downloading and configuring a tracker app before your phone went missing, these apps won’t help you find your lost iPhone now. Because PL works off your phone number alone, our unique service provides the perfect backup solution when other tracking methods are unavailable.

When you’ve had your iPhone stolen, time is of the essence if you want to have a good chance of getting it back. And if you lost your phone, it’s not a good idea to hope that a good samaritan will find your phone and return it. Someone picking up your lost phone at the coffee shop is just as likely to keep it as they are to hand it in. So you need to take action right now!

If you’re like most people you won’t be able to recall your Apple ID and password from memory. You might have it written down at home, but in the time it takes for you to find your login information, your phone could have been switched off, rendering iCloud tracking useless. All the tracker will show you once you sign into iCloud is the last location of your iPhone before it was turned off. With PL you can continually track the current location of your phone. Our servers update tracking data every 5 minutes and display the full location history on an easy to navigate map. Because we use sophisticated technology, we’re able to show you the exact location of your phone. With our location tracking data you can quickly pinpoint your lost phone and easily retrieve it, or in the case of stolen phones, pass the location information to your local police department.

Frequently asked questions

How accurate is the tracker?

How do you find my iPhone online without Internet Access?

Even though we’re an online service, your phone doesn’t need an internet connection for us to track it. We use GPS and cell phone tower signals to locate your phone. By analyzing the signals from multiple cell phone towers we can pinpoint a precise location for you.

How can you track my iPhone if it’s switched off?

That’s no problem! Your phone constantly searches for the strongest cell tower signal even when it’s turned off, and we use those signals to locate your phone.

How long does it take?

PL works fast. Once you enter your mobile number and subscribe, you’ll see your phone's current location in a matter of minutes.

Can you see private data on my phone?

No. We never interact with your device in any way, so your private information remains secure.

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