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Find My Android

Track and find your lost or stolen android device without confusing apps and services.

Nowadays mobile devices are an essential part of life of any modern person of any age. We talk, actively use social networks, browse Internet, play games, interact with bunch of Android apps and services. Some of us use these devices for work-related purposes (Google account and applications/services from Google make it a far more pleasant experience). Smartphones and tablets make our lives easier. But just imagine that one day you may unexpectedly lose it. Hopefully, you have enabled PIN code or graphical password protection on your Android phone or tablet, which means you are virtually safe from data leaks and only need to figure out how to get your lost or stolen Android back. We are glad to tell you more on available android locator options. Google provides any Android device with a built-in feature, named “Find My Device”, which is called as “find my android app” by some users.




Find My Device Access

Logging into your Google account is the obvious way to find your lost Android device, but what if you don’t remember your e-mail and password, did not grant access to your account to any other address and don’t have any additional password restore options. This is the time to carefully read the information on our website.

Google Maps Location History Settings

You may have turned off location services on your phone for better battery performance or due to privacy concerns. In this case you won’t be able to locate your phone using Google Maps Location History (Timeline) or other tracking features. You never know, when bad things may happen.

Active Internet Connection

If your iPhone is turned off or in Airplane Mode, neither iCloud nor the Find My iPhone app will be able to locate your lost or stolen device because Apple’s tracking features depend on an active Internet connection. The next time your phone is switched on, iCloud will see the location of the phone, but by then your phone could be halfway around the world, and you’ll never get it back.

SIM on the Device

In case your phone has been stolen, the thief will immediately turn the phone off to prevent location tracking. Next step: criminals remove the SIM card. Once the SIM is gone, you won’t be able to locate your stolen phone. Time is very valuable resource – use any available means to find the lost Android device as soon as possible.

What if you don’t have access to the information listed above?

Great news that there is a fast and simple way to find your Android without Device Manager and other conventional apps. All you need is to know your mobile phone number.
  1. Just Enter the Phone Number

    There is a great chance that you remember your phone number even if you lose the device, don’t you? Simply specify your phone number in international format (select your country from the drop down menu), and our software will do the rest.

  2. Find location

    PL service will establish a satellite connection and identify the nearest mobile base station within under a couple of minutes. It is guaranteed that you will easily understand how to do it thanks to the intuitive user interface.

  3. Confirmation

    When you see the “Successful” message in the dialog window, it means that your Android device has been located and you can view its location on the detailed map in your personal account. It is the right time to make some steps towards returning your gadget.

  4. How to Subscribe

    Purchase a subscription today and get instant access to the offered Cell Phone Tracker service. You will be able to see the exact coordinates of your lost or stolen phone/tablet online within just a couple of minutes after subscription.


24/7 global customer support

We care about our clients. Our professional customer support is here to help 24/7


95% customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for. 95% of clients reorder our services.

Frequently asked question

  • When can I start looking for my device? - It is strongly recommended that you start looking for your lost Android device as soon as you discover that it is missing. We don’t advise you to wait for a miracle that you will suddenly find your phone behind the corner.
  • How many times can I use the service after the subscription? - The total number of searches is unlimited. The subscription is active for one month and allows searching for one device unlimited number of time.
  • What phone models are supported? - We support any Android phone or tablet without limitations on manufacturer, model or technical specifications.
  • What countries are supported by PL service? - You may find your Android without Device Manager in any country – we operate worldwide and need only a phone number of the device in a valid international format.
  • What are the chances of finding my lost Android device with PL service according to your statistics? - There is 9/10 chance that PL service will find the device - it is up to you to decide whether it will succeed or not. You may read more about it in the Feedback section.

Any questions? We would love to answer them! If you would like to leave a review or make any suggestions, you can do this here, User feedback or contact our Customer Service Team.

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International level

We do not limit search results to a specific country or continent, we think wider!
Use PL Tracker services to search or track a device in any country in the world.

The software works on all mobile platforms and networks around the world

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