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PL Tracker is the most popular and user - friendly online application for watching over your kids and elder relatives, preventing theft, and supervising your employees performance. Using SS7 signal interception allows you to track the location of a person using his or her device with a SIM-card without permission from their side. We don’t limit the use of our features – you are free to decide and enjoy the advantages of the service for your own benefit.

Mobile Tracker

Location Tracker

  • Determine the location or route of any Cell Phone
  • The history is stored within 7 days from the day of activation
  • Combine several cell or mobile devices on a single map

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IPhone Tracker

IPhone Tracker

  • Irreplaceable tool for searching lost phones
  • Does not require subscriber confirmation
  • Works even if the smartphone is switched off

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Android Tracker

Android Tracker

  • Easily find your lost or stolen Android device
  • Compatible with any Android version
  • Access to Device Manager is not required

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Mobile Location

Mobile Location

  • Monitor the location of your relatives and dear ones
  • Combine several participants on a single map
  • Remains unnoticed by a user of the tracked device

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International level

Apply PL Tracker to Search any Cellular Device Worldwide.
We do not Limit Features to Specific Country. Let's Think Globally!

The Software is Fully Compatible with Global Mobile Phone Carriers.