Frequently asked question

  1. What is PL Info service?

  2. How does PL service work?

  3. How accurate is the tracker?

  4. How can you track my mobile device if it is switched off?

  5. How do you find my cell phone online without Internet access?

  6. How long does it take?

  7. For what purposes can I use PL service?

  8. Do I need to install the application on the device for PL service to work?

  9. Can you see private data on my phone?

  10. What is the accuracy of the Mobile Tracker?

  11. When can I start looking for my device?

  12. What phone models are supported?

  13. What countries are supported by PL service?

  14. What are the chances of finding my lost device with PL service according to your statistics?

  15. Is it legal to use PL service?

  16. Can a person know that he is being traced?

  17. How confidential is the use?

  18. How much does it cost to use all phone lookup features, provided by PL services?

  19. What payment methods are available?

  20. How many times can I use the service after the subscription?

  21. What if I need to monitor two or more devices?