Cell Phone Tracker Finds and Monitors Any Cell Phone On the Pl Info

Cell Phone Tracker from PL service offers a reliable way to locate any mobile phone. This tracking ability is possible due to that the system is able to send, receive and process standard signaling messages (called 'MAP' messages) through the international SS7 network. Although it may sound confusing, this solution is simple and even does not require users to install any special software neither on the mobile phone, nor in the cellular network itself. Everything you need to start using this service – specify mobile number of the subscriber in the international format. There is only one necessary requirement to the device, which you wish to track: it must have an active SIM-card inside.

  • No need to install additional software to a target device, as the service is launched and fully operated in the Dashboard.
  • Tracking is performed even when the device is turned off or outside the network coverage area.
  • Compatible with all devices that support cellular network technology. While geolocation services may not be active at all.
  • Online construction of route histories within seven days from the moment of activation. The position is updated every five minutes.
  • Does not require confirmation or consent from the owner of the device. Completely confidential, legal and safe spy software.

Cell Phone Tracker

Cell Phone Tracker from PL service – the most flexible spying tool.

Cell Phone Tracker has proven itself as a tool with the widest range of application and a huge potential for various customer categories. This tracking service enables you not only to anonymously track your relatives or employees, but also track any mobile device in real-time mode. You now know the service that provides a great tool in response to a question on how to track a cell phone by number whether it is a modern smartphone on iOS, Android or Windows, or an old-fashioned phone with black and white screen. The main thing is that the device was able to receive a cellular signal.

Total anonymity is our main achievement.

The owner of the device will never discover that someone is watching him or using a mobile phone tracker. His or her mobile phone will function in the same mode as before without displaying notifications. We tried hard to develop Cell Phone Tracker the way to ensure 100% anonymity of our users. We are not interested in what purpose you intend to use PL service and reserve the right not to pass on information about the activities of our customers to third parties, regardless of the source of such request.

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